Forklift at Wesleyan: Building Employee – Student Partnerships

This Fall, Forklift artists supported six students at Wesleyan University to embed with Physical Plant employees and build relationships with the people who keep their campus running. In November, students and their employee partners shared creative presentations with their Environmental Studies class.

Students watch as their peers, together with Physical Plant employees, share their creative projects with the class. Photo by Olivia Drake.

Participating students and employees mixed an audio track with recorded sounds of the movers working, shared stats about plumbing work across campus, and checked the heat in the classroom in coordination with music.



The project was featured in Wesleyan’s newsletter — read more about it here!


Pictured in the back row, from left: Sammy Osmond ’22; Lilley Gallagher ’22; David Malone, HVAC/utility mechanic; Tom Macri, HVAC shop foreperson; Gaelin Kingston ’22; Joseph Dorrer, energy manager. Pictured in the middle row, from left: Dean Canalia, plumbing shop foreperson; Camille Britton ’20; Tamara Rivera ’21; and Mia McKinney ’22. Pictured in the front row, from left: Gretchen LaMotte ’18 and Allison Orr, Distinguished Fellow in the College of the Environment. Missing from photo are material handlers Mario Torres and Kristopher Patterson. Photo by Olivia Drake.




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