Reflecting on Water Works

While I often aim to make art for my community I got to see a completely different and possibly more effective way of achieving this goal. By incorporating people into the process rather than simply creating it for them you gain a perspective that may have been previously unknown to you. Also though the voice may have spoken for the people this has a truer voice, which the people helped to create. I will definitely try to do more community based work. It’s an interesting way to create work. But I worry about making these connections and then breaking them. While I might see the guys again a few times, I know that this will be something that fades. If I continue to do this work, I will have to find a better way of forming and dealing with these relationships. If I were to take this class again I would make it a full year course. I don’t feel as though we had enough time to really deal with all the issues that they have to or learn about the jobs. I also think that with this time we could have done more all encompassing project so that it didn’t feel as though we were visiting some places and then deserting them in order to go work with another group.

I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to use any strategies when working with the employees. It just came natural to me because these are the kind of people I was introduced to at a young age, I grew up around city workers. I just hung out with them and talked, Sure I asked about the job but mostly only when I was actually interested in what was going on.

While working on actually creating the project I learned the importance of simplifying. Though a number of large ideas are great, finding a unify notion in those ideas and being able to build from that is important, and finding a simple way of displaying that message to a crowd of mixed spectators that still carries meaning.

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