Thank you Marty!


A special shout out to Marty Pottenger for visiting class this week and giving us even more reasons to remember why LISTENING is our main job as artists.

My 3 highlights (apart from meeting Marty’s dog Bezu)

  • Ask for what people can say YES to. There is art in getting to the yes. There is also a lot of listening we need to do as artists to see where the YES might be. How can we set it up and make it safe enough so that people can say YES to us?
  • Everyone wants to do BIG THINGS. Inspire that in the community members we are engaging.
  • Keep the Art Bar High. Don’t settle for crappy work. Doing crappy work doesn’t do anyone a favor.

If you don’t know Marty and her work, you need to. She’s a rock star and the real thing. Learn more at

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