Arrived and Honored to be Here

After many months of planning, organizing, packing, thinking and planning some more…I have arrived at Wesleyan University and am SO honored to be here. I am now in residence as a visiting scholar (and a distinguished one at that…!) with the College of Environment where I will be working, writing, meeting, reading, talking and most importantly THINKING as part of the COE’s Annual Think Tank.

The Think Tank gathers a small group of professors and students together on a weekly basis throughout the entire school year to think on a common environmental topic, and each member offers insights and ideas from his/her own discipline. This year the Think Tank includes a Psychologist, Economist, Art Historian, Biologist and myself—an Artist/Choreographer—plus four students. We are thinking together on the topic of Engagement in the Urban Environment. The idea is that by gathering us together, we will go to new places in our work, discover different modes of thinking and analysis and ultimately deepen our own work. I am honestly thrilled to just get to THINK, which isn’t something practicing artists (sadly) get to do much at all. I am also planning to write about my work, which again isn’t something I have had time to do since finishing graduate school oh about 15 years ago! (except if you count the 30+ grants we write annually at Forklift…I would love not to count those).

As well, Clara Pinsky is continuing her work with Forklift Danceworks as an intern with me here at Wesleyan this year. What an honor to have Clara back by my side! She will also be writing on this blog, as we will use this as ongoing forum to post thoughts, reflections and discoveries.

Questions we are currently tackling—what is creative placemaking from a performance standpoint, how do we define community engagement, and what makes it good art anyway? And for me, how do I start the process of thinking and writing?

Honored to be here and ready to begin!


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